Monday 2/9/15

Doop doop da doop, Morning Show.

We started this week anew, as we chatted with our intro girl Rachel about why she named her boobs “Snoop Dogg” and “Snoop Lion.” Not that she needed a reason, really.

From there, we ran through the first of a few of our Dear Cupid segments, where our models plead with the god of love to let their men not totally fuck up Valentine’s Day this year. The consensus is: lose the flowers and CVS stuffed animals, get a ring. Good luck.


After that, we welcomed in comedian Josh Wolf, best known as a regular on “Chelsea Lately”‘s round table and also the host of “Shark After Dark” on the Discovery Channel. Josh is a friend of the show, and we were glad to have him around, especially to hear about his first date with his (now) wife, where he sneezed-sharted and she still agreed to see him again. At least your Valentine’s Day can’t go worse than that. Hopefully.


While Josh was in studio with us, we played a game called Have You Seen Chelsie Lately? featuring our very own Chelsie Farah. Chelsie came in and gave Josh 3 clues as to a location that she’s had sex, and he had to guess where the deed went down. His intuition is pretty sharp, as he got Chelsie down to her panties in a hurry. It pays to pay attention, folks.


We took a short break and then welcomed in DJ Philip George, a Brit whose new song “Wish You Were Mine” blew up all the way to #2 on the Billboard charts, forcing him to quit his day job at the Gap. But don’t mind the Gap, this overnight success story is really one that can inspire you to follow your dreams and quit your retail job, too. Just don’t forget to be hard-working and talented, too.


Finally, we played Turn the Tables, a DJ-based mystery wheel game, where our girls spun the record and wherever it landed, they had to drop it like it was hot. And hot it was, as we saw them get some bottle service, drop the bass, and try to get into the club. All pivotal points in any club-goers night, although probably not in that order.


020915_04 020915_01

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