Tuesday 2/10/15

It’s another Topless Tuesday here at the Playboy Morning Show, which is why all of our peanut butter lids are off. Let’s go crazy!!

The show got goin’ today with a short discussion about a new trend in male fashion: beard dying. Our host Dan has a manly beard of his own, and he for one was perplexed at why anyone would mistreat their facial hair by dying it green, purple, or any other strange color. His advice? Unless you’re a leprechaun, don’t do it.

After that, we talked chocolate. If you don’t know by now that Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, it’s already too late. Expect to find your things packed up for you on the side of the road when you get home. But! For those of you in the know, we’ve prepared a little experiment to see if women really can tell the difference between really nice chocolate, and the store-brand stuff that wouldn’t break a dollar. We love that store-brand stuff, and apparently it’s not as easy as you would think to distinguish it from its higher-end cousins. If we were you, we’d switch the labels and see what happens.

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Next, we welcomed in Jason Hervey, who starred as ‘Wayne’ on the show “The Wonder Years” back in the day, but is now a big-time TV producer. His new show “Outlaw Country” features two pairs of brothers each on opposite sides of the law in the same town. “Outlaw Country” premieres Tuesday February 24th at 10pmET/9pmCT on WGN America. You couldn’t script a better show than that, but we wish we had. The truth is stranger than fiction, you know.


While Jason was in studio, we had a line-up of our finest naughty hotties to play the game of Innocent Until Proven Filthy, where we read a random story and they each have to deny that it was theirs. After an intense interrogation, one girl finally confesses, proving that these usual suspects are pretty good at lying. Each girl got to take a sexy mugshot, which is about the only good thing that happens after you get arrested. It’s like a penal code selfie.


We took a short break and then came back with our second guest, from the new movie “Girl House,” Slaine! Slaine’s a member of the rap group La Coka Nostra turned actor and one intimidating-looking dude. But once we got to know him, we saw that he’s actually super chill. Still, we can see why he got cast as the villain in his horror movie. Check it out and see for yourself.


Finally, we closed out the show with a quick game of No Strings Attached, the trivia game with an element of suspense, being that the girls are suspended together by their bikinis. A wrong answer moves them farther apart, but closer to letting it all hang out. It’s confusing that way.



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