Wednesday 2/11/15

Happy midpoint of the week, folks! Feel free to coast the downhill part of the week with us.

The show began this morning with yet another Valentine’s Day countdown special, today focusing on greeting cards. Nothing turns a women off more than a heartfelt message that you didn’t write yourself (trust us), so our ladies showed you how easy it is to make your own slogans, sayings, and sweet nothings for your significant other. Hopefully you have some red construction paper lying around.


After that, we brought in Keegan Allen, actor from the ABC Family hit show “Pretty Little Liars,” who has just come out with a book called “” It’s full of photographs that he himself has taken, prose he’s written, all while traveling around on his motorcycle with his rugged good looks… Man, good thing this guy doesn’t want to steal your Valentine, because he totally could.


While Keegan was with us, we played a game called Death.Love.Booty, based on the popular game “Marry/Fuck/Kill.” Our girls debated with each other over who they would rather sleep with, fall in love with, or kill out of three occupations and then Keegan chose the winner. These were some heated discussions, and we mean downright steamy.

We took a short break and then came back to welcome in Tim Batt and Guy Montgomery, comedians all the way from New Zealand. You may remember, we talked to these guys on Skype a while back about their podcast in which they talk about watching the movie “Grown Ups 2” over and over again. Well, they’re still at it, coming up on viewing number 51 while they’re here in Los Angeles. If they’ve got any long-lasting psychological scars from their harrowing, torturous endeavor, they wore them well.

To close out the show Guy and Tim teamed up with two girls each to act out silent clues based on words from their homeland. Our ladies should have studied up on their Kiwi history, because they couldn’t tell the difference between Australia and New Zealand to save their lives. We’re told they don’t like that very much.

021115_07 021115_08 021115_09

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