Thursday 2/12/15

Well gol-ly, look at what we have here! It’s the Playboy Morning Show, boys, yee-haw!

The show began today with our ladies helping us to decipher which nightmare Valentine’s gifts were real and which were fake. The fake ones turned out to be way less worse than the ones that actually happened, proving that men are just awful gift-givers. A half-eaten bag of M&M’s? C’mon man.

021215_03 021215_06

After that, we talked to Mr. Skin about all the nudes gracing our screens, both big and small. Our friends from “Black Sails” showed up again, and we’ll keep an eye out to see if they can match “Game of Thrones”‘ epic nudity-levels.

Next, we welcomed in Robert Belushi, son of Jim Belushi and star of the new film “One Small Hitch,” which is out in select theaters and Video On-Demand now! Robert talked about his training at Second City in Chicago and revealed which of his relatives ISN’T a graduate of the famed improv theater. (Hint: not a lot).


While Robert was in, we wanted to help him hitch up two of our girls in a dating game we called Lezzing Out. Our new girl, Christina Ann, blindfolded herself and asked questions of our three contestants, before getting shown their physical talents by way of touch. Christina Ann chose Katie as her date, and we had a little surprise set up for them at the end of the show…

021215_04 021215_07 021215_08 021215_09

Right after we came back from break, we brought in Marissa Janet Winokur, one of the co-hosts of “All About Sex” on TLC. It’s a sex talk show, which also features comedian Margaret Cho, and we’re all about spreading the good news on all other networks, as well. Go get ’em, girls.

021215_01 021215_02

Marissa stuck around to help us judge our 50 Shades of Play contest, which featured our girls in their best dominatrix get-ups, doing a sexy catwalk, and explaining their “persona” and what their safe words were. Nothing quite like the presence of a dom to wake you up in the morning.


To close out the show, our lucky Lezzing Out ladies got a Valentine’s Date in the shower, where all truly great dates end (or begin). Happy V-Day, lovers. And happy Netflix All-Day Marathon Day, single folks.

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