Monday 2/23/15

The Playboy Morning Show is back and ready for action! We’ll even settle for sloppy seconds.

Our show began this morning with a discussion about the Academy Awards. The glitz. The glamour. The pounds and pounds of sweet Colombian cocaine. It seems like that’s all anyone can talk about, and we here are no exception, except that we had our own award show that’s just as prestigious as any other out there: The Asscars. We saw trailers for our four nominees for Best Feature, and will give the award out later in the show.

But before we did that, we talked to a person who has more to do with how well celebrities look on the red carpet as any makeup artist, hairstylist, or tailor… that’s right, it’s plastic surgeon to the stars Dr. Raffi Hovsepian. Dr. Raffi talked with us about how celebs stay so young-looking for so long, and what the most popular procedures are when you’re trying to fight Father Time. His tip? Start early, then you won’t have to do so much later. Good advice for life in general, actually.


After that, we went out to Frankie V on the red carpet, who was standing by with each of our lovely nominees to ask them exactly what they’re NOT wearing today. Sounds like some pretty gorgeous and glamorous items of clothing got left at home this year, they’ve really outdone themselves.


To bring the mood down a bit, we checked out some of the clothing we’ve lost this year, in a sad, black and white tribute video. If you didn’t shed a single tear, rewind your DVR and keep watching until you do.

Next, it was time for Dan to give out the award for best feature. In an unprecedented event, all four girls tied for the Asscar and began to fight over the golden butt statuette. It was pure chaos, which is the only reason anyone watches award shows anyway.

022315_09 022315_10 022315_11 022315_12

After a short break, we welcomed in Adam Green and Will Barratt, whose new film “Digging Up the Marrow” was recently released in theaters and on VOD. It’s part mock-umentary, part found footage, all horror goodness, so definitely check it out. If you can confuse critics as to what genre your movie actually is, we’ve gotta see it just on principle.

022315_05 022315_06

To round out the show, our fine Asscar-winning models came in to compete in our Scream Queen games, showing off their best scream, scary acting abilities, and death skills. Don’t put any of those things on your resume, trust us.

022315_15 022315_01

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