Tuesday 2/24/15

Happy Tuesday to all of you in the place to be, the Mini Mansion, just in time for the Playboy Morning Show!

We started things off today by chatting with our intro girl Ruby Palm, a longtime model on the show and our favorite French export. She even showed us that she has what it takes to go over the top… by winning an arm wrestling challenge. How do you say, ‘I’m attracted to you and scared at the same time’ in French?

After that, we went full internet and made some dank memes. Mean Memes, to be exact, wherein our models and hosts took part in the mystifying art of applying text to pictures in order to make the most hilarious and somewhat angry combination possible. After trying our hand at this, I think we’ll probably just leave it to the “pros” from now on.

We then dug out an oldie but a goodie in Good Naked Bad Naked! We heard some unsavory news stories and decided whether or not the nude antics of the perpetrators was indeed Good or Bad Naked. Our Bad Naked reenactment today featured our girls giving a very extensive body cavity search to a sexy would-be traveler at an airport. We wouldn’t even mind being late for our flight.

Next, we spoke on the phone with “the Banksy of LA,” a street artist who goes by the handle Plastic Jesus. His most recent work (in which an Oscar Statue was doing lines of coke off the street over on Hollywood Boulevard) is causing quite a stir, for obvious reasons. You might also recognize his catchphrase “Stop Making Stupid People Famous” (a cause we can all get behind), or his other pieces from around the streets of Los Angeles. Be sure to check him out at plasticjesus.net. Do you think someone else already took plasticjesus.com?

After a quick break, we brought in comedian Michael Loftus, whose new show “The Flipside” is available online right now! So check it out (after you finish reading this blog of course, right?). Michael also regaled us with stories of the time he was in South Africa with Dan, and what it’s like working with his good friend Charlie Sheen. Nothing wrong with a little tiger blood.

022415_02 022415_09

Finally, since Michael is a Catholic, we decided to play a Lent-based game where our girls teamed up and tried to guess what the other girl would “give up” in a number of different categories. If they got it wrong, you guessed it, they had to “give up” some clothing. I think Jesus would be proud. Plastic Jesus, not the other guy.

022415_05 022415_06 022415_07 022415_08 022415_01

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