Thursday 2/26/15

Welcome to another down ‘n dirty episode of the Morning Show! Take your clothes off, unless you want them to get muddy.

We started this fine young morning off with a phone call from our good pal Mr. Skin, who just had his 16th Annual Anatomy Awards. There were some surprises, some no-brainers, and some categories we didn’t even know had enough instances to warrant a category. Guess we weren’t watching closely enough. Check out this prestigious list of Hollywood nudes on his site!

Following that, we brought our girls in to help us celebrate Black History Month (it’s almost over, we know, but better late than never, right?). In the game of Black, History, or Month, each trivia answer had one of those three words in it, and if our sexy ladies couldn’t get the answer quite right, they had to strip down. If the Playboy Morning Show stands for one thing, we’d like to think that it’s the idea that all titties are created equal.

022615_10 022615_11

Our first guest today was none other than Playboy Radio’s Playboy Advisor, Dr. Karen Stewart. For all those little things that you’re too afraid to ask, or don’t know how to ask, or don’t know you need to ask, she’s got you covered! We set out to prove that fact when we invited our girls back in to read some questions from viewers and get a sampling of Dr. Karen’s skills. Who knew learning could be so fun?

022615_04 022615_03 022615_05

We took a short break and then welcomed in singer Ryan Cabrera, whose single “House on Fire” from his upcoming album is out now. Ryan talked about what it’s like living in a neighborhood after you’ve been on “Cribs,” and the time he got kicked out of the Playboy Mansion for cannon-balling into the pool one too many times. What is it with musicians and getting kicked out of the Grotto?


To finish up the show, we played a game of (Blank) on Fire, which featured three different rounds of competition where our models competed for an exclusive autographed copy of Ryan’s new CD “Wake Up Beautiful.” They tested their ability to eat hot foods in the Mouths on Fire round, then did a quick change for Blouse on Fire, and finally squared off atop noble steeds for Joust on Fire. In the end, Chloe emerged victorious and was awarded her prize. Thankfully no one burst into flame today.

022615_12 022615_13 022615_14 022615_15

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