Wednesday 3/4/15

It’s a #WedgieWednesday! Thank God for social media and all its fabulously scandalous hashtags.

We started out the show today by talking about ex’s. Nothing sexy about those ghosts of relationships past, right? You left them in the dust for a reason, right? You’re not still bitter about it at all SHEILA, right?? Ahem. Sorry about that. Well we played our own X-based game, called Exes and Oohs. It’s a lot like a giant, challenge-based tic-tac-toe game, because that’s exactly what it is.

030415_04 030415_06

Next in line was a fun segment called Will Andrea Put It In Her Mouth, where Dan showed Andrea some gross foods from around the world and asked if she would eat them. It turns out, for almost all of them, there was no question. This game took a freaky turn when we brought out the chicken feet, squid, and raw baby crabs for Andrea AND Dan to try. Let’s just say: thank god for the Gratuitous Nudity button.


After that, we went to our Skype machine (also known as a computer) and talked with our October 2014 Cyber Girl of the Month, Mandy Kay. She’s campaigning for Cyber Girl of the Year, which is coming up soon, and we can’t help but wonder who would possibly beat her out; with a bootie that poppin’, it’s hard to really hold a thought in your head, you know?

We took a short break and then came back to welcome in Holli and Michael, from Playboy Radio’s own “Swing with Holli and Michael.” For some reason we just like saying the words Holli and Michael. We are very proud of them, as they are up for a Podcast Award in the “Mature” category, against heavy-hitters such as “Loveline” and “Savage Lovecast.” We wish them the best of luck, and know that no matter if they win or lose… they’ll still have some fun in Vegas for the ceremony.


To close out the show, we played a swing-based game called The Full Swap, where our girls paired up to swing dance with each other, only to switch an article of clothing when the music stopped. It’s like musical chairs without all those pesky chairs… or bras.

030415_08 030415_01

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