Monday 3/9/15

Howdy do there folks! Welcome to another fine Morning Show re-cap. Make yourself comfortable, our blog is your blog.

Today we started by recapping Andrea and Dan’s recent visit to the hallowed grounds of the Playboy Mansion. The pictures we saw included the Mansion itself, the famous Grotto, and the monkey cages, so just imagine what we DIDN’T see.

030615_02 030615_03 030615_06 030615_12 030615_17

Next, we read from an article about a woman who wanted to label herself as “undateable” simply because she wanted to eat pizza and watch Netflix for ten hours every day. We say she sounds perfect, but that’s neither here nor there. In order to help out some men out there who may be feeling the same way as this woman, our girls gave them some advice based on their profile pics in a segment called How Not To Die Alone. But in the end, we all die alone, so take their advice with a grain of salt.


Andrea felt that she was a little too mean in including a picture of Dan in our group of undateable men, so she offered him a massage. As he laid on the table, we realized that the massage wasn’t going to be from a hot chick, but from a burly Danish guy named Mike. Dan still seemed to enjoy it thoroughly. After Dan discovered what was up, he switched out for Victoria, who graciously accepted a free massage, and we all graciously agreed to watch. It’s weird, but we could feel the tension running out of our muscles, too.

030915_07 030915_08 030915_03

In a recent study, it was shown that college-aged students prefer their cell phones above all else, ranking them even higher than beer and sex. If this is the case, America as an institution has already failed. But we here at the Morning Show are not so easily swayed. We gave our girls Kat, Rachel, and Charlotte a chance to test their knowledge of statistics in a game called Beer, Sex, or Phone. Turns out, the three are pretty interchangeable, and one usually leads to the other two.

030915_10 030915_11

We took a short break and then welcomed in Dirty J and Duddy B from the band Dirty Heads. Their song “My Sweet Summer” is getting tons of radio play and they’re currently touring all over the place, so you should definitely check them out. When you’ve got a song about summer, you’ve got a whole season to play to.


Finally, while the guys were in studio with us, we played a game called Dirty Heads, where we tested whether or not our girls had dirty minds. We heard words, saw close-up pictures, and mimed innocuous activities to see if they read between the lines or between the sheets. Somebody hose us down.


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