Tuesday 3/10/15

Welcome to another wonderful Playboy Morning Show, straight from our Mini Mansion to your heart.


We started things off today by showcasing a brand new model, Christy! Since she’s new to the show, we gave her a royal welcome, complete with a few tips from our more seasoned vets. Important issues like how to hold a microphone so that it doesn’t block your boobs, how to twerk, and how to tell a sexy story were all covered, and our girls weren’t, which makes for one sexy, informative segment.

After that, we talked via Skype with our very own Miss March 2015, Chelsie Aryn. Her issue of the magazine is out now, and you need to check out the is German/Japanese beauty for yourself. You’ll thank us after. To get to know this Playmate better, we played a Playmate Pick Six with her, where she picked numbers that corresponded to questions and had to answer six correct to make Morning Show history as the first Playmate to get a perfect score. We didn’t doubt her for a second.


We took a short break and then came back to welcome Nadia Lee, a photographer whose recent “100 Naked Women” project is making waves for its risque nature, provocative content, and nude subjects. She talked about what drives her to the retro style and advertising logos, and you know, we never expected such a stirring look at Americana from a Brit before, but hey, we ain’t gonna argue with art.

To round out the show, we presented 4 candidates who could possibly be the 101st Naked Woman for Nadia’s project, as our models showed off their 50’s-style alter-egos and their 50’s-style dance moves. It’s like a sock hop, where everyone’s only wearing socks.

031015_01 031015_05 031015_02

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