Wednesday 3/11/15

The only show cooler than the other side of an ice cube, it’s the Playboy Morning Show.031115_04

We kicked off this full hour of live, uncensored, nude-tastic fun by reading some Tweets. That’s right, like the kind you find on the interwebs, not the ones birds make. In an effort to showcase some of the funniest observations and comment on them ourselves, Chloe read us some of the top Tweets from this past week, and we even added our own voice to the mix. It’s our show, we’ll do what we want, dammit!


After that, we brought in comedian Judy Tenuta, accordion aficionado and all-around kooky character. Judy shared with us the tenets of her religion, Judyism, and talked about her new book “Full Frontal Tenudity.” Go to her website to check out more and see the world “accordion to Judy.” We thought that was hilarious.031115_01

While Judy was in, we played one of our favorite games here on the Morning Show, yes, it was in fact time for Name That Alleged Perv. The (alleged) pervs were all women this week, and even harder to pin a crime to. We’re not sure if those two facts are related or not, and we don’t care to find out.

We took a short break and then welcomed in music producer Borgore, who is a pioneer in both the dubstep and gorestep genres, making sick beats and fat drops that all the kids really seem to enjoy. Borgore talked about the history of dubstep and his place in it, and the history of Miley Cyrus and his place in her… career.

To close out the show, we played our DJ-themed game Turn the Tables, where our girls put their clothes on the line against their club-related skills. Put your bras in the air, and wave ’em like you just don’t care.

031115_07 031115_08 031115_09 031115_10 031115_11 031115_12 031115_13


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