Thursday 3/12/15

Come one, come all, to another festive Morning Show right here in ye olde Burbank, California.


We got the show started, as so many Thursday shows have, with a phone call from Mr. Skin. Skin and his team brought some new nudity to our attention, but also still have their 2015 Anatomy Awards up on their site, which you should definitely check out. It’ll make your anatomy a-hard.

Next, we discovered that we here at the Morning Show are #Trendsetters! That’s right, we’re finally cool enough to warrant a hashtag in our description. Our claim to internet fame? The #PassTheLoad move, which you can use in your home/office/etc. to get punched/fired/etc. Send us your videos with the #PassTheLoad hashtag and we might even put it on the show. Now you too can learn sign language!

We then welcomed in David Anders, star of the CW’s “iZombie,” which premieres on March 17th at 9/8C. If you like attractive, CW-style actors with a dark-comedy zombie twist, this show can finally answer your oddly specific needs! We kept David around for our Zombie Acockalypse game, where our girls demonstrated their post-apocalyptic skills in order to impress hypothetical last name alive David Anders. That sure was a strange sentence.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Lenny Jacobson from Comedy Central’s first scripted sitcom EVER, “Big Time in Hollywood, FL.” Lenny talked about his experience working with such a talented crew and how having a sickness can really do wonders for your weight.


Lenny helped us close out the show, by serving as our “life-line” during Know It or Show It. Our girls were accurately misled and ended up losing most of their clothes before we ran out of time. All good things must come to an end, if you know what I mean.

031215_08031215_03 031215_01 031215_09

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