Monday 3/16/15

Happy Monday isn’t an oxymoron here in the Mini Mansion! But wait… “Mini Mansion” totally is….

To begin, we talked about social media and its impact on every aspect of our daily lives. Kinda snuck up on us, huh? Anyway, we talked about dating on social media, and how Tinder is now pay-to-lay. Don’t you wish there was an app to satisfy your BDSM needs? Well guess what. There totally is one of those already. It’s called Whiplr and it is a “50 Shades of Gray”-style flirting and hooking-up app where you can video chat without even having to exit the app! Pretty neat. We talked with the CCO of the company that built it and thanked him for his contributions to social media, and therefore society.

In honor of Whiplr, we played a game with our models called Whip It Good, wherein our models “buzzed in” by slapping Amber’s ass with one of their riding crops. We hope “Jeopardy” starts adopting the same method, then maybe we would pay attention. The two finalists got to test their slap skills on Dan’s behind, and really, that’s its own reward.

We took a short break and then came back to fill in our bracket! It’s selection Monday here at the Morning Show, and we wanted to show you the correct way to pick a winner in your highly illegal office gambling pool. Only our bracket didn’t feature unpaid college athletes, but sexual devices, scenarios, and preferences. In the end, it was agreed we should just let revenge sex win, in what we found to be a rather sad champion. Woo?

We then welcomed in Danielle Stewart, comedian and host of the new show “Sex Box,” which airs on WEtv. This might be the best reality show idea we’ve ever heard of, where couples have sex in a sealed box in front of a live studio audience and then immediately get relationship advice. We wouldn’t be surprised if this idea takes off into the realms of therapy and science as a whole. Good job, reality TV. Wow, there’s a sentence you never see. Without sarcasm, of course.

Finally, to close out the show, we ran through our new game Put Your Balls in My Box. With a title like that, I don’t really need to explain much, do I?

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