Tuesday 3/17/15

Erin go bragh! It’s a St. Panties Day festival here in the Mini Mansion. Irish you were naked!

The show began today with a St. Panties Day parade, led by our leprechaun for the day, Wee Matt from the famous Venice Beach Freak Show. Matt had all the energy of an Irish spring morn, and our ladies make a great train to follow him around. We’ll definitely be seeing more of them shortly… No pun intended.

031715_06 031715_07 031715_08031715_01

We played a quick game at this point, called Kiss Me I’m Irish, where Dan tried to prove to Andrea that he was Irish enough to earn a kiss from Andrea. What a prize! We’re not sure about the overall integrity of this game, but Dan pulled it out (not like that), and got a kiss from his sweet co-host. Typical luck of the Irish.

Next, we brought back Wee Matt to sit on our couch as our girls moved closer to his treasure stash in Honeypot of Gold. We had various Irish-themed challenges for them to complete, in order to test whose blood really runs green. In the end, Mariela made it to the end of the rainbow and made it rain gold. That sounded better in my head.

After a short break, we had the first two battles of our March Badness 2015! Last year’s champ Ali Rose fell in the first round to Lauryn Elaine, and Reyna defeated Mariela after it was revealed she had “exaggerated” her story a bit. If this is any indication, it’s gonna be an exciting year in badness!

031715_09 031715_10

We then welcomed in Seamus Dever, star of the ABC show “Castle,” which airs Mondays at 10/9C. Seamus talked about winning the Biggest Nerd Award right before high school, and what it’s like being married to a fellow actor. Seamus, Castle, St. Patrick’s Day… It’s like Irish Bingo in here.

To round out the show, we brought Matt back one more time to help judge our Irish or Naked-ish game, where we saw zoomed in photos and tried to guess whether they were a naked body part… or some sort of Irish stereotype. After the dust settled, we celebrated not having to wear green until next year… By taking everything off.


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