Wednesday 3/18/15

It’s Wedgie Wednesday at the Playboy Morning Show! Don’t forget to floss.

The show kicked itself off this morning while Dan and Andrea discussed “the Uber for hangovers,” by driving an IV to your house and hooking you up to it in order to get you started on your day. If this is for real, I think we’ve gone about as far as we can go as a society, and should maybe pack it all up and let the crustaceans have a crack at it. We’ve already won.

We moved on to the next battle in our fresh March Badness competition, wherein Ruby faced off against Rayshell. In the end, Ruby’s story of bondage play put Rayshell’s Halloween hookup in handcuffs, and she moved on to compete in the Tittle-Eight.

Then, we talked via Skype with Rap/Raggae artist and Andrea’s good friend her hometown of Long Beach, Mr. Xquisit. They chatted about the time she was in his music video and what we can expect next from the guy. No plans to add those extra E’s to his name quite yet.

Next up was a good old-fashioned Hot Girl Focus Group, this time focusing on “Dick Dealbreakers,” which, as everyone knows, are the things that would force a girl to turn down a dick. We found that it varies from girl to girl, so don’t get too hung up on it gentlemen.

We took a short break and then came back with the entire main cast of the new horror/comedy flick, “Zombeavers.” The movie features Cortney Palm, Rachel Melvin, Lexi Atkins, Peter Gilroy, Jake Weary, and Hutch Dano. That’s right, these six young actors squared off against a rabid onslaught of zombie beavers, with plenty of laughs, blood, and even nudity. What more could you ask for?

Since they were such a big, tight cast family, we decided it was only fitting that they face off against our model family in a game of Playboy Feud: Zombeavers vs. Beavers edition. After a back-and-forth battle, it came down to the final question, which the Zombeaver team snatched away, redeeming team captain Rachel Melvin for her family’s failings on the real Family Feud when she was younger. Redemption, thy name is Zombeaver.

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