Thursday 3/19/15

It’s Tits O’clock, that means it’s time for another Playboy Morning Show! Don’t be late!

We started things off today by talking on the phone with the king of nudity and puns said in a Chicago accent, Mr. Skin. Skin talked to us about some new nudity on shows like “Shameless” and introduced his Whack-It Bracket for 2015. Check out his website to pick your winner with your wiener. Hey, maybe we should write for Mr. Skin.

Next, we played some good ol’ fashioned Good Naked/Bad Naked, where we heard stories ranging from a naked guy standing in a doorway, to a naked guy jogging near a river. The only Bad Naked we landed on this week featured a naked romp in a doughnut shop that we made sexy by having our chicks scarf down some glazed pastries off of each other, before being escorted out by police.

After that, the battle of March Badness raged on with Drew taking on Jenny for a shot at advancing to the Tittle-Eight. We did the jump bra, heard their stories, and judged their naughtiness. It was a close one (coming down to random selection, even!), and Jenny emerged victorious. It just shows you that sometimes it’s good to be worse.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Steve Wilkos, of “The Steve Wilkos Show” and “Jerry Springer” fame. Steve is the king of ‘real talk’ and gave some to us, about his journey from Marine to cop to TV personality, and how he honed his abilities to tell real stories while also helping real people. Reality truly met fantasy when he stepped into the Mini Mansion today.

Speaking of fantasy, our girls came in to play some Innocent Until Proven Filthy, wherein they tried to deceive the human lie detector himself, Steve Wilkos. We heard their stories and they each denied them up and down, so it was up to Steve’s intuition to decide who he thought the guilty party was. His first guesses were right both times, but he switched them up at the last minute. Gotta trust those beat-walking instincts.

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