Monday 3/23/15

Don’t worry about the weekend being over, it’s the start of a brand new set of The Playboy Morning Show!

The show got started today with the first of our week-long Spring Cleaning tips! It’s getting to be that time, where you kick out the dust from your house and maybe even start to go outside, too. Today’s tip featured Amber and Mariela showing the perfect way to use your ample breasts to keep a fine polish to your household items. If you don’t have ample breasts, just use a friend’s!

After that, we rolled through some more March Badness, today watching Carlotta square off against Nicole. It was a close one, but Carlotta earned the right to come back and keep getting badder with her story about going to a gym in lingerie. That’s one way to work out what you workin’.

Next, we celebrated an oft-used but oft-er overlooked phrase, OK! Where does it come from? Somewhere in history, probably, we weren’t paying attention because of all the nudity. Our girls came in and showed what they thought was OK and what was Not OK, by flashing either their boobs or butt. This game is OK by us.

032315_06 032315_07 032315_08 032315_09

We took a short break and then welcomed in Alex and Dre Gonzalez from the new show “Cutting Crew” on the El Rey Network. They talked about what they love most about cutting hair and some of the crazy stories about customers they’ve had over the years. Even crazy people want a fresh haircut, you know?

032315_01 032315_02 032315_03 032315_04

To close out the show we held a Hair Down There Fashion Show, where our sexy models strutted their stuff, showing off their merkins that they cut out and stylized. We saw a lot of creativity and variety in these things, and we predict that the bush is back! Maybe. Give it a few years.

032315_10 032315_11 032315_12 032315_13 032315_14

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