Tuesday 3/24/15

It’s a fine, dewy morn here in Morning Show grove. Just take a whiff of that fresh, naked air.

Our show got started with a bit of bust protest, due to Thailand’s hefty prison sentence if you get caught taking underboob selfies. Our girls didn’t like the sound of that one bit, and showed up with their picket signs to demonstrate all the practical uses a nice dark side of the boob has. Because no woman should have to go to prison for showin’ what they’re workin’ with. We’re pretty sure that’s against the Geneva Convention.


Next, we Skyped with Cyber Girl of the Month for September of last year, Yesenia Bustillo. This El Salvadorian beauty talked with us about representing her people, and met our challenge of a scavenger hunt head-on. Could this be the next Cyber Girl of the Year? We’ll all just have to wait and find out.

Our March Badness competition continued next, where Evey and Brielle squared off, both trying to out-bad the other. Dan and Andrea agreed, after each story had been told, that Evey should move on to the Tittle-Eight. The competition is getting stiffer, and so are the spectators.


We took a short break and then gave you another Spring Cleaning tip, this time focusing on how to really free yourself while you’re doing that much-maligned chore: sweeping. It’s always more fun to clean naked, and then you really get that range of motion going, too. Some people pay extra for that.

Then, we brought in sex educator and author Amy Jo Goddard, whose new book “Woman On Fire,” you should only check out if you want to get better at sex and have a higher quality of life. So, basically, if you have a pulse. Amy talked about her teaching styles and why she loves sexuality as much as she does: its versatility. You don’t have to tell us twice!

032415_02 032415_01

Finally, our girls did some Art of Playboy: Fingering Painting Edition. As Amy Jo gave instructions, our girls showed how they like to be touched, and created some fancy modern art in the process. Not that pleasuring a woman isn’t art in enough in and of itself, but hey, at least this you can hang on your wall.

032415_03 032415_04 032415_07

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