Wednesday 3/25/15

Oh where to begin? How about with titties? Titties are always a good idea. You heard it here first.

We started the show not by ogling, but by Googling! In a game called Auto-Fill-Osophy, our girls were asked to complete the auto-fill search with the top, most searched item. We don’t know who’s searching for these things, but we pray our robot masters will be merciful to us when they eventually take over. Then again… maybe they already have. Dun dun dunnn!

Next, we read some funny Tweets from people all over the world. But not from boring old paper, rather we read them straight off of Lauryn’s hot body in a segment we’re calling Show Me Your Tweets. Take it from us: this is not something you want to yell in public.

Everyone knows someone who’s had their March Madness bracket busted wide open. This year, that someone is everyone (thanks a lot, ‘Nova…), so we decided to ease your strain by letting you watch two of our models, Selly and Zoey, compete in some Bra-cket Busting of their own. They hopped on the trampoline and tried their best to set the twins free in a faster time than their opponent. Go Gravity Go!

Speaking of March Madness, we had another round of the Playboy Morning Show’s tournament, March Badness! Chloe and Zoey squared off after a very dainty jump bra, recounting stories of mystery, intrigue, and… well, sex. In the end, Dan and Andrea sided with Zoey on this one and sent her to the Tittle-Eight to compete yet again. Her celebratory dunk was a little less dainty, let’s put it that way.

We took a quick break, then brought in Jonathan Bennett, star of the new film “Submerged,” whom you might recognize from his role in “Mean Girls” or that video of him falling off a flight of stairs. Ouch. But! He’s better than ever, and talked with us about the next steps in his career, and some of the first steps, like having sex with a cock sock on, while filming an episode of “Law & Order: SVU.” Talk about trial by fire.

032515_01 032515_02

To close out the show, many women are big fans of Jonathan, so we decided it would only be appropriate to play some Fandemonium. Our models were asked questions about Jonathan and if they got them wrong, their respective fans were turned on, lifting their skirts high above their heads. It’s like Marilyn Monroe standing on a jet engine.

032515_03 032515_04 032515_05

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