Thursday 3/26/15

It’s the Playboy Morning Show, the only place where Madness isn’t solely crammed into March.

To start things today, we talked with Mr. Skin on the phone, who had some very interesting photos for us this week, not the least of which was that pregnant girl from “Girls.” Not the usual Skin fare, but we’ll take it. Also, don’t forget to keep casting your votes in his Whack-It Bracket, even if it’s just based on the cleverness of the name.

Next, we had yet another Spring Cleaning Tip, today featuring a way to wash windows that is not only clean, but also dirty. It really depends which side of the glass you’re on, which is about as philosophical as we get around here. All in all, just remember: put ’em on the glass!

We then welcomed in Theresa Roemer, a woman who spends the better part of her time inside her closet. What makes her do such a thing? You need to see her closet to undertsand. After putting half a million dollars, a champagne bar, and plenty of sexy times into it, you wouldn’t want to leave either.

Theresa stuck around to help us with our own bad girl indulgence, March Badness! Today two very tall ladies duked it out in what is probably the closest to an actual basketball game we’ve had so far. Gabrielle and Marissa both told their stories well, but Gabrielle emerged victorious and earned the final spot in our Tittle-Eight. It’s heating up!

We took a short break, and then welcomed in star and title character of the Adult Swim show “Black Jesus,” Slink Johnson. Slink talked to us about his voiceover work in things like the latest GTA video game and on “The Boondocks,” and about what exactly makes “Black Jesus” so divinely human. Deep stuff from a cool dude, for sure.

To round out the show, we played a game in Slink’s honor called Come to Jesus! Our girls each donned wings and a halo and tried to win over the heart of Black Jesus himself by doing some things best associated with the messiah: turning water into wine and using it for a wet t-shirt contest, twerking on water, and indulging in some of the Last Supper’s lesser-known side dish: bananas. In the end, all were declared equal in the eyes of the Lord. Amen.

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