Monday 3/30/15

The Playboy Morning Show helps makes mornings less boring, by adding more boing. It’ll really put a spring in your step.

We began things with some light discussion about which date is the right time to have sex for the first time. According to a study, it’s 3.53 dates (so, like, half-way through dinner?). In our Hot Girl Focus Group, we asked our models to tell us when they think is the right time to go all the way, and they pretty much agreed that even though you make the decision whether you want to sleep with someone right away, you should wait at least one date. Three seems a little excessive, don’t you think?

033015_10 033015_11

Next, we checked out our Mams on the Street, where we sent out Erika Jordan on the red carpet for the 50th Anniversary of the “Sound of Music.” Erika rubbed shoulders with some of the celebrity guests in attendance and got some insight into the impact of this landmark film. Those hills are still alive.

Next, we brought in 2012 Playmate of the Year Jaclyn Swedberg, promoting the new horror film she’s in, called “Muck”. It’s got blood, gore, nudity, humor… basically everything you can’t do in church, which makes it alright in our book. Jaclyn talked about how she got her start at Playboy during a casting call, which the Morning Show had a (small) hand in. Basically, what we’re saying is she owes us BIG TIME.

033015_06 033015_02

Jaclyn stuck around to help judge the first game of our Tittle-8 round in March Badness 2015. We pitted Jenny against Reyna, who both had some pretty raunchy car sex stories, but Jenny’s took the cake and she moves on to our Final Foursome.

After a short break, we moved on to round two of our March Badness double-header, where Zoey took on Lauryn. These ladies both had stories involving priests (one of the catholic variety, the other of the Judas Priest variety), and it was decided that Zoey’s tale of wedding shenanigans took the cake, so to speak. That means we have half of our Final Foursome chosen, and will fill out the rest of it tomorrow, so tune in!


We then welcomed in RJ Mitte, most famous for playing Walt. Jr. on the wildly successful and critically-acclaimed series “Breaking Bad”. He’s also doing a few DJ gigs with his “Breaking Beats” show, and continues to model and audition here in LA. He talked about his musical preferences and club tendencies, and about whether or not he’s planning on acting in a show that doesn’t become a huge hit, you know, just to even things out.

033015_03 033015_07

Finally, we played Breaking the Beat, where our models danced around chairs and then had to do challenges if they were the last model standing. We got the Mini Mansion turnt up on a Monday, and– I’m sorry, is this really how people talk now? I don’t even know anymore.

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