Tuesday 3/31/15

The show so sexy, your TV turns itself on! It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

033115_04 033115_09

We began the show by checking out some cool new products from the Liberator company, whose mission is to make different positions safer for more couples. They’ve built some comfy, ingenious, and varied cushions to help make your sexy time more adventurous. Better cushion, better pushin’, am I right?

033115_04 033115_05 033115_06

We then checked out some Stupid Human News, where we look at dumb people who did dumb things and then laugh at them. Ironically, it’s a pretty simple concept. But it works!

Next, we ran through the final two rounds of our March Badness Tittle-8, featuring matchups between Carlotta and Evey and Ruby and Gabrielle. Ruby and Evey moved on to the Final Foursome, which begins tomorrow! Our tournament of champions is very close to finishing, which actually makes sense, given the sexiness of their stories.

033115_07 033115_08 033115_10

We then welcomed in Justin Willman, magician/comedian extraordinaire. His new Comedy Central special “Sleight of Mouth” premieres on Monday, April 6th, and he’s currently on his “FakeBelieve” tour across America. Wait a second… how can he be in two places at once? Unless… he really IS magic!

033115_01 033115_02

To close out the show, we played our own version of Sleight of Mouth, where our girls put the magical quality of their mouths to the test by passing cards, blowing wands, and having a kiss off. This is a situation where you definitely want to put your money where your mouth is.

033115_11 033115_12 033115_13

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