Wednesday 4/1/15

Bad news, everyone. No blog today.

April Fools! There’s totally a blog today.

We started the show off today by showing you all some nice ways to conserve water that still allow you to take long showers. Everything from eating less beef, to not wearing leather or buying jeans can help conserve our most precious H20, all while still giving you the chance to enjoy someone taking a long, hot shower. That “someone” could be you, or a friend!

After that, we welcomed in Playmate Angel Boris, who is our Miss July 1996 and current host of the Playboy Radio show “Funny Bunny,” which you guys should definitely give a listen. It’s an ear-gasm waiting to happen. Angel talked about her place in the Playboy family and her acting work on shows like “Beverly Hills: 90210.” We find her name to be very fitting.

We kept Angel around to help us judge the first battle in our March Badness Final Foursome, between Evey and Ruby. Andrea and Angel agreed that Ruby should come back, while Dan stuck to his guns and picked Evey. Some tense words were shared, and Andrea stormed off…

We came back from break with Angel graciously agreeing to step in for Andrea, before we mercifully revealed that it was all an elaborate April Fool’s Day prank. Angel is the best for being such a good sport, and judging by some of the phone calls we got, some of you forgot to check the calendar today, too.

Our show resumed as normal for our second March Badness Final Foursome showdown, between Jenny and Zoey (who was on the phone). Jenny won in another blowout, thanks once again to her shamelessness in front of her family. That means tomorrow’s match will be for all the marbles, and the fabulous March Badness trophy. Come on back to see Jenny take on Evey for the crown of Baddest Girl on the Block 2015.

We then brought in Ash Avildsen and Bizzy Bone from the new film “What Now.” Ash wrote, directed, and starred in the movie, and Bizzy Bone (who you might recognize from the Grammy-winning group Bone Thugz ‘n Harmony) guest-starred. The movie follows the obstacles that everyone faces while dating in the technological age, and it looks hilarious, so check it out starting on April 3rd!

Lastly, our girls came back in to test how well they’d fare in the dating pool through a series of tests. Bizzy and Ash then either “Swiped Left” or “Swiped Right,” and if you’re not following these words anymore, congratulations! You’re old.

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