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Thursday 4/2/15

Posted in Uncategorized on April 2, 2015 by Playboy Morning Show

Here comes The Playboy Morning Show to save the day! Or, at least the morning.

This show right here got kicked off with a little Easter Egg hunt, with our sexy bunnies hopping around the room looking for their pastel-colored prizes. Once they all had their eggs in one basket, the girls opened them to reveal an Easter-themed challenge for them to participate in. It’s enough to make even the most ED-riddled man yell “HE IS RISEN!”

Next, we brought in Shelley Fisher, aka “The Hebrew Hillbilly,” to talk about her unique brand of comedy and singing. She also dished about how one becomes a the rootin’-est, tootin’-est Jew south of the Mason/Dixon. We’ve never heard a more soulful “Shalom”. Shelley then performed her song ‘The Hebrew Hillbilly,’ while our topless girls listened on the couch. What do you do at a concert if your top’s already off?

We took a quick break and then came back with comedian and actor Jason Stuart. Jason talked about how his web series just won an award, and what his favorite acting gig has been. We kept Jason in as our referee for our March Badness Final Showdown Matchup EXTREME, between Jenny and Evey. After the jump bra, we launched right into the game, with each lady going for broke in this last test of their general badassery. It was too close to call, so we put them through a quick gauntlet to determine a winner, with EVEY coming out on top, emerging victorious, in other words: winning the whole kit and caboodle. She’ll have her name forever engraved on the March Badness trophy and live on as a Morning Show legend. Until next year, don’t forget: it’s good to be bad.