Monday 4/13/15

We’re back! Fresh off a week of hiatus and ready to bring some nudity back into your life. Didja miss us?

The show got going this morning with the debut of our Morning Show side-scrolling video game. We read about these things all the time in the magazine, and we thought it was high time we made our own dreams come true in a segment called Bits and Ass. Drew and Amber gave the game its inaugural play, and put up some pretty nice scores for their first times. It’s the best use of quarters that doesn’t involve drinking.

After that, we checked out a clip from our first “Full Blouse” parody, which we will debut tomorrow. As a special treat, we surprised Dan with our guest Dave Coulier, aka Uncle Joey from the original “Full House.” Dave’s touring around as a stand-up comedian all over the country, so be sure to check his website for show details. He also talked about Netflix’s revival “Fuller House” that is set to come out soon! We’ll never cut it out, Dave.. we’ll never cut it out.

041315_01 041315_02 041315_03 041315_04

Dave stuck around as we played a game of Chicktionary, where our girls teamed up and painted on each other in order to get Dave to guess Full House-related terms. Some were easy to tell what they were, and some looked more like cave drawings. I guess that’s what happens when your canvas moves.


We took a short break and then came back to welcome in Nico Tortorella, star of the new TVLand series “Younger,” which premiered at the end of last month. Nico talked tattoos (his character and he are both heavily inked), and what attracts him to older women. For someone who’s only 26 years old, he’s sure got it all figured out.

041315_05 041315_06

To close out the show, we played some Know It or Show It, a game where our girls put their clothes on the line, but not to dry. As the models tried their best to answer some trivia about TV, Music, and Pop Culture, we more and more from under the cloth. For the world’s longest-running naked game show, it stays fresh.


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