Tuesday 4/14/15

It’s the show that’s healthy for your mind, good to your body, and soothes the soul. It’s the Playboy Morning Show.

We started things off by checking out how sex makes you smarter. We’ve been saying it for years, but it’s nice to see science catch up with us (finally). We decided to test our own skills, and yours at home, with a fun game of Mammory, the card-memorizing game. We don’t really recall how it turned out, but we know we were definitely turned on. That counts, right?

We then premiered our first episode of our “Full House” parody, entitled “Full Blouse.” Be sure to check it out on Youtube and tell your friends. Or your internet colleagues. Whatever you call them.

After that, we played a fun, yet slightly sobering round of Name That Alleged Perv. The four alleged pervs this time around came to us from a bunch of different places, all in Florida. That’s not entirely true, but the fact that you almost believed it means it’s not that far-fetched. Oh Florida, never change.

We took a short break and then came back with Kira Soltanovich, comedian and pregnant lady extraordinaire. Kira talked about her new show “How To Be A Grown-Up” on TRUTV, which starts season 2 in June, and about how she had a hand in setting up Dan with his current wife. We were still thinking about the Mammory game from earlier, so we didn’t catch the whole story, but we know it involves the theft of pants. We’ll let you fill in the blanks.

To close out the show this morning, we had all four of our newly-fishnet-bodysuited models come in to compete in a Girls Behaving Badly competition. Kira is a veteran of the actual TV show that our game is based on, so we knew we could count on her expert advice and counsel. In the end, Carlotta championed through, making a clean sweep of all the games on the show today. It’s a perfect show!

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