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Wednesday 4/15/15

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Meow Meow Meow, it’s the Morning Show.

Today’s show began with a sour reminder: it’s Tax Day, everybody’s least favorite government-mandated holiday, narrowly beating out St. Cover Yourself in Leeches Day. But! We felt up to the challenge of making this hated day a little bit better with some sexiness, so we busted out the Tit Tax Toe game and Cody and International Playmate Marissa duked it out. There’s no CAT games when you’re dealing with bureaucracy, unfortunately.


After that, we welcomed in Miss April 2015, Alexandra Tyler! This month’s issue of Playboy features this beautiful brunette and is on news stands now, so definitely check out her badass Downtown LA Warehouse rocker-girl pics. We sent Mariela in to help Alexandra with her Playmate Pick Six, as she tries for her own place in the history of the Mini Mansion, in pursuit of the perfect 6/6. As usual, I mean… FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER this Playmate got all the questions right and will live on in the hallowed halls of the Mini Mansion forever. Well, she would, if we had any halls.

041515_12 041515_09

After a quick two minute break, we ran through some Raw Data LIVE, that you may or may not have been aware of. Studies show that adding hot girls to random facts and statistics helps make it sexier, and therefore, more fun! The jury’s still out on whether you actually retain the information.

We then brought in actor Michael Rooker, whom you may recognize from little projects like “The Walking Dead” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.” You know, just two wildly successful projects, no biggie. Michael is promoting his appearances around the country at Wizard World Comic Con, where you can meet him and a plethora of other celebs, comic makers, and costumed nerds and ask questions to your heart’s content!

041515_06 041515_02

To close out the show, Michael gave our girls a lesson in Naughty Karate, as he is an accomplished master of self-defense himself. Our “breakable” boards left a little to be desired, but we did actually learn some nice tips and tricks if ever anyone is trying to attack us. So, bring it on, world! Just, be gentle.

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