Monday 4/20/15

It’s 4/20, and like, that’s far out, man…

We started our totally green-tastic show today by talking with our models about deal-breaking habits (like smoking weed) for relationships, in our Hot Girl Focus Group. Usually when weed is involved, it’s hard to focus, but not today!

After that, our girls made their way over to our Rear Pong table to play some sexy Beirut (not the country, although there’s probably some sexy people there, too). When they made a cup, the verb on the ball was done to the matching body part on the bottom of the cup, making for a very interesting twist on an old party classic. Although it probably wouldn’t do as well with frat bros playing.

042015_08 042015_09

We took a short break and then came back to build a high-food feast, in our Making Munchies segment. Each model started out with a different baseline ingredient, and then went nuts with stoner-riffic toppings and accoutrements to create the most delicious concoction of them all! If any of this is making you hungry, you may want to put down the joint for a sec.


We then welcomed in Heather Sossaman, star of the new film “Unfriended,” which is in theaters now. The entire movie was shot using a computer screen with Skype, making it the next “Blair Witch Project” or “Paranormal Activity”, a low-budget yet inventive horror film to completely clean up at the box office. Heather plays the girl doing the haunting/killing in this movie, but in real life, the only thing sweeter than her is probably those nutella-covered Twinkies from earlier.

042015_03 042015_07

While Heather was in studio, we played a social media-centric game called Trends, Tweets, and Trolls… Oh My! Each of our models catwalked as a different social media personality that we love to hate, and then gave us a brief description. In the end, Gabrielle, our gym rat selfie girl for the day, took home the top prize. Does this mean she’s un-friended now too?


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