Wednesday 4/22/15

Welcome to a slippery Wednesday here in the Mini Mansion. Don’t let it get away from you!

We began things today by talking about Earth Day, which is today. If you forgot to get a present for the Earth on its special day, maybe just try to reduce your carbon footprint a little bit. We have some alternative energy sources that we’re trying out today, based on an idea we saw on Pornhub, where you generate power by whacking off. We had our girls do activities and then measured the electricity produced with an old-timey light bulb. Science!

After that, we brought in Chad L. Coleman, star of such legendary TV shows as “The Wire” and “The Walking Dead.” His new multi-platform project, “Treadwater” features him as one of the characters, and he’s executive producing the entire thing. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that the “L” in his name stands for “Success.” I guess that is pretty surprising, actually.

042215_03 042215_05 042215_01

We then brought in our models for them to run through a Choose Your Own Ass-venture… um, adventure. They traveled through space, fought zombies, and even had to deal with corrupt Polish union workers, all like characters from Chad’s various wildly successful shows. In the end, they got what they were trying to get, but more importantly, they got naked! If free will is a myth, explain THAT, philosophers.

042215_08 042215_06 042215_07

After a short break, we returned with a short Earth Day fashion show, where our girls built outfits using only sustainable and recycled parts. It’s good for the Earth, and good for your eyes, as plants and clear plastic bottles don’t offer much coverage.

To close out the show, we had our girls play some Spin the Model, with our very special sponsor for the show, Get Wet Lubricant. Ruby was the lucky gal to be spun in a tub full of the fabulous, hemp-based lube, and our other gals acted out various tasks based on where she landed.It’s like Twister, if the spinning was the funnest part.

042215_09 042215_10 042215_11 042215_12 042215_13 042215_14

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