Thursday 4/23/15

Take your bra off and throw it over your shoulder, it’s a Throw-Rack Thursday!

Today we stared the show with a little movie magic: we had our girls come in and show what it’s really like behind-the-scenes during some of your favorite movie sex scenes. Well, it would be, in a perfect world where even the key grip is a sexy model. It really gives a new meaning to “boom pole.” We could continue, but we’ll spare you.

Speaking of sexy movies, Mr. Skin joined us on the phone with some new nudity to talk about, including a 49-year-old naked Salma Hayek, who still looks quite good. Seriously, that woman must be part fine wine, because she has aged ridiculously well.

Next, we welcomed in Adult Film Star Kayden Kross, to talk about the new male sex toy Fleshlight modeled after her own lady bits. Everyone in this business knows you’re not really a full-fledged ‘star’ until they mold you, so congrats to Kayden on this historic accomplishment.


While Kayden was in studio, we had her judge our models’ sex-toy-making skillz, in a game called Dil-Doh. After much careful crafting and a few tragic mishaps, they were completed! These may only be prototype dildos, but we like their ideas. Less Shark Tank, and more Spank Tank.


We took a short break and then welcomed in Brad Williams, whose new Showtime comedy special “Fun Size,” which premieres on May 8th. Brad’s a long-time friend of the show, and we’re super excited to see his very first one-hour comedy special that he edited, and did all in one take. Impressive stuff by anyone’s standards. What’s more impressive is his Full House-inspired story about how he scared John Stamos. Here’s our shameless plug: check out episode two of our parody series “Full Blouse” on Youtube right now!

042315_04 042315_01042315_09

To close out the show, we played How Low Can You Go, where our models competed in varioud “low”-themed activities, like posing with our low-rider, limbo-ing, and eating some “low hanging fruit” off of another girl’s bra. Just don’t call it low-brow.

042315_10 042315_11 042315_12 042315_13

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