Monday 4/27/15

Let’s tear the protective seal off of this brand new week and finish it off before the expiration date.

This Monday Morning Show began with a very special PSA fashion show, where our models took some male fashion faux-pas and made them sexy simply by putting them on. Men, take note! These looks are officially out of style and should be out of your closet.

042715_08 042715_09 042715_10

After that, we checked out some hot mugshots from some fine female felons and Andrea and Dan tried to see if they were too crazy to “Bust Out”. We’ve found that the hotter the girl, the easier it is to rationalize what she’s done. The trick is to just think of your mugshot as a glamour shot.

Next, we read some Constructive Criticisms from viewers like you, this time relating to our “Full Blouse” videos on Youtube. Seems that some people got the joke better than others, and a few got it even better than we did. That’s the magic of the internet, folks: bringing strange people together.

We took a short break and then read some letters in our Tough Love segment. Both our models and Andrea gave some light-hearted, soft advice to the letter-writers, and then Dan brought out the bucket of hard truth and rained down a torrent of Tough Love on their seemingly life-consuming problems. It’s not pretty, but it is effective.

We then welcomed in Paul Johansson, star of the final season of “Mad Men,” and the CW’s “One Tree Hill” back in the day. Paul talked about growing up on the mean streets of Canada, and some crazy fan interactions, where they have blurred the line between him and the character he played. It’s dangerous work, this acting stuff.


To close out the show, we tested Paul’s advertising expertise in a segment called Ass-vertising. Paul went head-to-head with  our models and tried to guess the zoomed-in company logo before they could, in order to have them lose clothing. Sex sells.

042715_07 042715_01

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