Tuesday 4/28/15

Welcome to our weekly celebration of Topless Tuesday, or if you speak Spanish, martes de mammories.

We began the show today with a small consortium of like-minded hot chicks called our Hot Girl Focus Group. Today’s topic up for debate was the unwritten rules of the bedroom, or “sex etiquette.” Women like their sex a certain way, and lord knows men can’t infer all that information themselves, so all the information discussed today was definitely vital. The male brain is a simple thing, and it needs all the help it can get.


After that, Dan and Andrea checked out the covers from some of our latest issues of Playboy Magazine, including the brand new May 2015 edition on shelves now, in order to Spot the Bunny hidden somewhere in the cover art. It’s a glorious tradition and remains pretty difficult, especially for Dan. Again, male brain.

Next, we revealed a great secret about the restroom here in the Mini Mansion: the men’s room has a sweet vending machine in it that gives out awesome prizes. We checked out a few of them, like a pre-wet t-shirt, candy necklaces, and the Gratuitous Nudity button. You can guess how all that ended…

042815_06 042815_07 042815_08

After our break, we learned about the evolution of the sport of surfing, in our Horny History segment. For a 1000-year old sport, it’s still pretty fresh and cool, despite historical white people’s best attempts to make it boring. Damn historical white people.

We then brought in the #1 Pro Surfer in the world, Makua Rothman, straight from Hawaii. Makua talked about his family’s part of surfing’s history, what it’s like to be a young kid catching gigantic waves, and the time he had to have surgery after he fell face-first into a coral reef shelf. Talk about a wipeout. As if he wasn’t cool enough already, he’s also working on a new album, so check that out when it drops.

To close out the show, we played Get Lei’d, our Hawaii-based trivia game that rewards our models’ correct answers by throwing those flower necklaces at them and letting them hop to the next island. Surf’s up, dudes.

042815_13 042815_14042815_02 042815_03

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