Wednesday 4/29/15

Hello one and everyone! Enjoy this Morning Show blog post at your leisure.


We started on a somber note today, as we discussed the tragic story of the man whose medical condition means that he can only get 100 more boners in his lifetime. It’s a ticking cock, and according to our nurse Ali, the prognosis isn’t good. We can only hope that he uses each and every erection to its fullest potential. Well, we hope that for every man already. But especially this guy.

After that, we checked in with some stories of nudity from around the world in our Good Naked/Bad Naked segment. We heard about a woman driving through a Kohls nude in her car, and a naked man who got tasered twice on the same stretch of highway, before watching a reenactment of a story about a violinist choking out an old grandma. Of course, our version was much sexier than the true story, because that’s sort of our thing.

We then chatted it up with our new model Elizabeth Jean, in our Like a Model segment. Elizabeth showed off some of her pictures from past shoots and was even kind enough to talk to some callers on the phone. But even she has some unfulfilled fantasies…

Then, we ran through a quick game of Truth or Bare, where our sexy models tried to fool Dan and Andrea into thinking that a sexy story came from their life, even if it didn’t. For the naive people out there, this is called “lying” and it happens every day.


We took a short break and then got experimental up in here in our Sex Mythbusters game. Andrea and Dan dressed up in their lab coats and safety goggles and tested exactly how much spanking is tied to arousal. Using various spanking tools, Andrea wound up and left her mark on these ladies. And I mean really left her mark. What did we learn? Spanking is tied to arousal, especially if you’re the one watching it take place.

042915_03 042915_04 042915_05 042915_06

Finally, we closed out with the longest-running nude game show in TV and radio history, Know It or Show It. In this magazine edition of the famous trivia game, we had questions about the mafia, Madonna, and motorcycles. It’s not easy remembering all the people Madonna’s kissed over the years, but Andrea was kind enough to remind us. She’s good at keepin’ the books.


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