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Thursday 4/30/15

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It’s Thirsty Thursday, that weekly celebration of everyone’s favorite bodily need!

We started the show talking about the big fight this weekend that’s got everybody talking: Gabrielle versus Jenny! We had our girls weigh their cans as they went forehead-to-forehead in what has become a sort of boxing tradition… although ours is much sexier, obviously.

As we say goodbye to the month of April, we thought we’d give it a sendoff it could appreciate: one last group shower. How will we welcome those May flowers, you ask? You’ll have to just wait and see…

After that, we chatted with our good buddy Mr. Skin, who had some Grade-A, free-range, organic celebrity nudity for us today, from the last place on TV you’d expect it: the History Channel! Usually they’re more into talking about UFO’s and ghosts than boobs, but we’re not complaining.

It was then time for Hefardy!, that great trivia game where you answer with a question and question with an answer… right? We’re actually not sure. What we do know is that this round’s categories were all Playboy-centric, and Mariela quickly ran away with it, even nailing the final Hefardy answer. Even Alex Trebek would have to be proud of that one.

We took a break, and then brought it back with our latest episode of our hit parody series “Full Blouse.” Our little show is becoming more and more relevant, as it looks like the original “Full House” show is coming to Netflix soon, so be sure to hop on Youtube and give it some sweet, sweet views.

Then, we welcomed in Marshal Dutton and Cody Hanson of the band Hinder, whose new album “When the Smoke Clears” is set to drop on May 12th. They talked about their plans for the future and also what it feels like to work on a video with a Playboy Playmate. The life of a rocker is a tough one, we suppose.

To close out the show, we played Groupie or Roadie, where our girls tried to prove that they had what it takes to be the latest Hinder groupie to “get backstage,” as it were, while leaving the other girls to wallow in the wings and carry the band’s gear. Their musical gear, not the other kind, the groupie gets to do that.