Monday 5/4/15

It’s a brand-new week, still in mint condition! Sell it on eBay before it gets water damaged.

We started things off by talking about the big fight that happened over the weekend, where Floyd Mayweather defeated Manny Pacquiao live on the most expensive pay-per-view ever. If you couldn’t scrape together the scratch to watch it yourself, our girls re-enacted all the action (or lack thereof) for you, including both fighters counting their exorbitant stacks of cash afterwards. There really are no losers when it comes to big-time prize fighting, it seems.


After that, we had a brand-new model with us this morning, an all-natural Polish beauty named Natalia Starr. She talked about what it’s been like living out her Playboy dreams each and every day, and how she gets her high-adrenaline kicks. She also walked us through a story from her past in a segment we call Kiss-tory. Natalia regaled us with the tale of how she and her boyfriend got it on while hiking through the hills of Los Angeles, and even got some side-eye from a passer-by. That’s when you know you’re doing it right.

050415_09 050415_10 050415_11 050415_12 050415_13050415_04050415_05050415_06050415_07

Dan and Andrea then played some Stupid Human News: Real or Fake edition, where they read a headline and had to guess whether it was a true story, or one we just made up. Whenever Florida is involved, it’s apparently very hard to tell where the line between reality and fiction exists. Sorry, Floridians.

In honor of the big boxing match this past weekend, we would be remiss if we didn’t teach our ladies, and all of you out there at home, how to throw a punch. This essential Man Skill is something that you’d never hope to use, but should always be prepared to, in case of masked assailant, or in this case, a blow up doll with Dan’s face taped to it. Either way.

We took a short break and then came back to welcome in surprise guest, the past host of the Morning Show, the incomparable Kevin Klein! His radio show is on Live 105 up in the Bay Area, but you can listen online. It’s a little weird seeing him on the couch, but it’s the same ol’ Kevin, so it’s nice to know that some things change, but others stay the same, like our props for this next game…

050415_01 050415_02

The ComeFuckMe Derby! Yes, it’s race season, so break out your wacky hats and your gambling addiction and come on down to the Morning Show track where our girls sped around the track to try and win the bouquet, vicotry sash, and save their horse from the glue factory for a few precious moments. Will there be a Nipple Crown this year? We’ve still got two more races until we find out…

050415_15 050415_16

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