Tuesday 5/5/15

iFeliz Cinco de Mayo a todos! Celebrate with the Playboy Morning Show, Mexican Style!

050515_01 050515_04

We didn’t waste any time getting into our first segment, the Drink-o de Mayo body shot tutorial, featuring our body shot expert, Andrea. Syri and Ali helped demonstrate her instructions, and managed to get buzzed and look good doin’ it. Not an easy feat.

From there, we jumped straight into bed with Samantha and Amber, our resident Cooche Libre sex position wrestlers, who tried their best to translate our Spanish-named sex positions into the physical realm, using their bodies of course. Some were more obvious than others, thanks to what our Spanish teachers would call a “cognate”.


This next segment, brought to you by Adam & Eve (the sex toy company, not the Biblical couple), featured a product known as the Naughty Rabbit. This baby’s got more torque than an F-150 and more speed options than a blender. But in all seriousness, we are worried our girlfriends might leave us once they fall in love with these things. In order to truly test the raw power that the Naughty Rabbit possesses, we had us a good ol’ fashioned dildo race. Surprisingly, this race was super exciting, and all of the toys stayed vertical as they buzzed down the table. If you lost money on the Kentucky Derby, today was your chance at redemption.


We took a break and then came back to play one of our favorite games, the Wheel de Caliente (that’s “Wheel of Hot,” for the no-habla-espanol crowd). Our girls spun the wheel and then ate some hot Mexican-themed peppers, chips, and candy. The real MVP of this round was Dan, for showing our girls how it’s done. “It” being eating a habanero in one bite. Que ridiculo.


To close out the show, it wouldn’t be Cinco de Mayo without a little pinata party, although we don’t fill ours up with boring, chalky candy, we fill it with lingerie. You gotta know how to motivate your models.

050515_06 050515_07 050515_08 050515_09 050515_10

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