Wednesday 5/6/15

Ah, Seis de Mayo, one of the man official hangover days in America. The lights! The sounds! The spins! The gang’s all here.

We started our show off today with a Bloody Mary and two Advil. But right after that, we were good to go. We read some letters from viewers like you, and tried our best to answer your questions about our show and just life in general. We’re helpful like that.

Next, we welcomed in German Playmate Sarah Nowak, who’s in town visiting the Playboy Mansion. Hef might not let her leave, it’s happened to hot blondes in the past, but that remains to be seen. Sarah gave us some insight into whether American or German men are more adventurous, and surprised to learn that she’s single! Time to start gettin’ those hopes up, gentlemen.

While Sarah hung out, we brought our models in to play a game lovingly named Wack or Nowak. We heard a topic, like Beach Sex, and then everyone had to weigh in on whether they thought it was ideal (Nowak) or lame (wack). There were some unanimous answers, but others remained divided. I guess it just boils down to personal preference… and alcohol availability.

We took a short break and then watched our girls make and then don some May Flower-themed outfits, focusing on their own personal… ahem … “flower”. In the end, Leia was awarded the best use of theme, costuming, and gardening to take a victory walk down our rose petal runway.

050615_03 050615_04 050615_05 050615_06 050615_07

To close out the show, we used the recent Viagra article in May’s Playboy as inspiration for our Hole-istic Medicine segment, where our lab coat-wearing models explained some boner medicine of their own devising, and demonstrated their uses and side-effects. Take two and call us in the morning.

050615_01 050615_02

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