Monday 5/11/15

Crack open a fresh four pack of the Playboy Morning Show and count the seconds until this week is done.

We started out the show probably how almost everybody starts their Mondays: by hating Mondays. But, we’re here to make them better with our hashtag #PlaboyMoandays! Use the hasthag on Instagram to show us how your Monday sucks, and we’ll get one of our hot models to moan your user name! If that doesn’t chase away the Monday blues, we don’t know how to help you.

After that, we did a Beard Test on Dan to see if his beard really is as dirty as some new scientific studies actually claim. We think he looks well put-together, but we’ll have to see what the results from the lab say about what’s living in there, as seen under the microscope.

051115_05 051115_06

In that vein, we brought three of our smokin’ hot models in to talk about what their preferences are in terms of male grooming, facial and otherwise. It’s all a matter of preference, but if one of these ladies says she goes crazy for mustaches, you better take note.

051115_07 051115_08

We took a short break and then came back to watch our latest episode of “Full Blouse,” which you should check out on Youtube RIGHT NOW. Do it. This blog will be here when you get back. We’ll wait.

Back? Nice.

After that, the results were read from Dan’s test. Besides some Vitamins, we also saw some ax shavings, angel dust, asbestos… all sorts of crazy stuff. Oh, and lots of love, but you knew that already.

Then, we brought in our guest for today, Nick Stoeberl, the man with the world’s longest tongue (he’s got a spot in the Guinness World Record Book and everything!). But he doesn’t stop there, Nick is also an accomplished tongue painter, which is definitely an exclusive club, and he showed us his skills live in the studio. He also brought in the art he made for us when we Skyped with him a few years back. We gotta say, his skill has improved.

To close out the show, our girls took a page out of Nick’s book and tried to paint on each other using only their mouths, as they held brushes between their lips. This might be the new wave of art to sweet the world, because if there’s one thing the art world loves, it’s weird-ness.


051115_03 051115_01

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