Tuesday 5/12/15

A happy hello to you and yours on this fine Tuesday morning in the Mini Mansion!

Our show began today with a story out of Japan, where women are offered “crying rooms” in certain hotels; they’re places where you can go and just let it all out, it seems. Well, we have a room with a similar purpose we’d like to see in more hotels, but we call our “Orgasm Rooms.” Hey, sometimes you just gotta let it all out, you know? Our models gave them a soft-open test run, making sure the acoustics were all set, and bringing in some items to make their experiences more self-pleasurable.

After that, we discovered a new trend in the ideal male physique: the Dad Bod. Characterized by the appearance of flab,but with a hint of muscle underneath. Much credit to Leo DiCaprio for starting this fad off, men everyone should build a statue to this man. Just make sure to use a little extra marble around the mid-section. Our models then came in to play a round of How Not to Die Alone that focused on male fitness. There’s a thin line between the Dad Bod and a bad bod. Well, maybe thin isn’t the right word…

We took a short break and then threw it out to the hall where our girls were helping to console an emotional shark. Yes, like a real shark. Apparently those tooth-endowed denizens of the deep are a lot more emotional than previous research indicated, and we could sure tell with this one. We should’ve put him in the crying room.

051215_03 051215_04 051215_05 051215_06

Then, we welcomed in rapper and producer Evidence, member of the Dilated Peoples and Step Brothers groups, and also an accomplished solo artist. He’s gonna be touring all over the country, at some of the coolest venues around, so be sure to check him out when he’s in your general vicinity. He shared some stories about his label, Rhymesayers, and winning a Grammy for his work on Kanye’s debut album, “College Dropout.” We bet he’s got a million stories about those sessions.

To close out the show, we played an Evidence-based game of Know It or Show It, with our girls picking from the categories of: famous evidence, famous step relatives, and old school hip-hop. How well did they do? The evidence was in the form of their clothing strewn about the floor as we closed out for the day. We rest our case.

051215_02 051215_01

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