Wednesday 5/13/15

It’s The Playboy Morning Show, where every day is more today than the last!

Our fabulously spectacular little show got goin’ this morning with our What the Wednesday?! segment, where we guess the outcome of real, crazy news stories. Sometimes real life is stranger than stuff we can make up. And, then other times we make up some real crazy shit and it’s not as weird as real life. But we’re twisted like that.

051315_04 051315_07

We then welcomed in Holly Randall, legendary erotic photographer and director and host of “Adult Film School,” right here on PlayboyTV Saturdays at 10:30 E/P. But you already knew that, didn’t ya? Holly talked about some of the shortcomings couples have when trying to film their first video, and what it’s like coming from a family of well-known and respected pornographers. The family that shoots together, stays together.

Since Holly has experience walking couples through their individual erotic scenarios on “Adult Film School,” we figured she’d be a natural at having our girls do the same in our Wheel of Fantasy: Porn Couples Edition. All the standards are there, convict/guard, teacher/student, even french maid/french guy. You know, basic porn stuff.

051315_10 051315_11 051315_12 051315_13

We took a short break and then came back with the electro/rock band Modestep joining us in studio. Their new album “London Road” drops May 25th and you can catch them at Sound Nightclub here in LA tonight, if you live in the SoCal area or if you get on a plane RIGHT NOW. Either way, keep an eye out for these guys and their new, darker sound, and new, darker tattoos.


To close out the show, we played a freeze dance game lovingly titled Mode-Stop! Our girls danced to some rave-tastic EDM and had to stop when the music stopped or be forced to lose clothing. So basically, just like a normal night in the club.


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