Thursday 5/14/15

We got a real beauty of a show for you this morning, let’s check it out…

We started this Thursday out like so many before it: with a call from our celebrity skin expert, Mr. Skin. Charlize Theron is back in theaters, but you can also check out the other 12 movies she’s been nude in on Mr. Skin’s website. We think that’s enough to get her into the Skin Hall of Fame.

After that, we heard about some of the most stressful jobs in the world, and then threw our girls into the fray on three of them. A trial by fire, if you will. They held their own, proving that our models can do anything, and do it sexy.

Next, we brought in Dr. Karen Stewart, our resident Playboy Advisor who we love having on to give us advice on all things sex and relationships. Our girls came in and read some questions from concerned citizens asking for guidance from Dr. Karen, and let’s just say we’re glad she was here, because we wouldn’t have handled it so well. But that’s why she’s the Advisor… and a doctor.

051415_06 051415_05

We took a short break and then welcomed in STASH, a female electro-pop duo who are having success on the charts despite not being attached to a label. So, take that labels. Talented musicians don’t need you anymore. The ladies of STASH talked with us about their new EP and their plans for the future, including their dream of playing EDC in Vegas. We wish the best for them and can’t wait to watch them skyrocket to the top. You saw ’em here first!

051415_03 051415_02

To close out the show, we played a game called Build Me Up, based on the STASH song “Tear Me Down,” where our girls had to build towers, give each other compliments, and then build up their glutes with some squats and jumping jacks. A compliment from a hot girl just means so much more, you know?

051415_04 051415_08 051415_09

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