Monday 5/18/15

Welcome to another episode of the Playboy Morning Show, brought to your by our sponsor, Invisible Panties. Invisible Panties: It’s Like Wearing Nothing At All!

To start off the show, we checked out a clip from last week’s Playmate of the Year announcement at the Mansion (the big one, not our mini one). As you’ve definitely heard by now, Miss May 2014 Dani Mathers took home the crown of PMOY 2015, and we couldn’t be happier to see someone who started on our show go so far. Not like she’s anywhere near done yet or anything. We sent our own Dorothy to interview the Playmates and celebs in attendance, and get the low-down on what was going on in the Grotto. But we’ll have to wait ’til later in the show to hear from the PMOY herself… Stay tuned!

Next, we read through some of our #PlayboyMoandays submissions from sad workers all over the country, and we gotta say… there sure are a lot of you. Stay strong, workforce of America and beyond… stay strong.

After that, we welcomed in Dan Hill, a representative from the Prop Store here in Los Angeles. They’re having a live auction May 29th that you can be a part of online, by phone, or in person (if you feel like stopping by the Universal City Hilton here in California, that is). Dan showed off some of the props you can bid on, including the famous “ball-chinnian” from “Men in Black 2” and a real-life Gremlin! Don’t feed it after midnight.

We wanted to get some of our props appraised here, so that we can make a few extras bucks before we hit the racetracks this weekend. If we don’t earn enough, Big Tony’s gonna break our legs, but that’s a story for a different blog. Our models each brought in one well-known prop from Morning Shows past and Dan was kind enough to give us some estimates, both before and after we sexxed them up a bit. Let that be a lesson to anyone thinking of going on the Antiques Roadshow: a little sexiness never makes the price go down.

We took a short break and then checked out our interview with PMOY 2015 Dani Mathers from last week’s event at the Mansion, and it seems like she couldn’t be happier. We would be too if we got a brand-new Mini Cooper. Maybe she’ll let us borrow it if we ask nicely.

To close out the show, we played some good ol’ Playboy Feud: Models vs. Props edtiion! Our sexy ladies came in and squared off against Dan and Matt from the Prop Store, as they both tried to guess the survey answers about bedroom faux pas, sexy foods, and our lovable host Dan Cummins.

Speaking of Dan… It was his birthday this past weekend, so we got him a cake with a clown on it, because we heard he’s deathly afraid of clowns. That way, more cake for us!

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