Tuesday 5/19/15

It’s Tuesday here in the Mini Mansion, where all the clothes are half off or more!

We started the show off with a quick interview with one of our models who just made Cyber Girl of the Month for May, Reyna Arriaga. You can follow her on Instagram and help her get the next level with some likes at @Reynaarriaga_. And you thought likes were meaningless.

After that, we checked out a video from our red carpet interviews at the Reality TV Awards with our correspondent Dorothy. We saw some familiar faces from the Morning Show and even got a few of the stars to accidentally talk about how they lost their virginity! In your face, E! Network.

We then ran through a series of tests to determine whether or not someone’s happiness can be hindered by actually having too much sex. It sounds blasphemous, so we hooked our girls up to our Joy-o-meter and saw how happy they were while they jogged in place. Turns out our experimental results were tainted because we overlooked a fatal flaw in our testing equipment: the Joy-o-meter was actually just hooked up to Dan’s pants. This is the third experiment that’s been ruined in this way, and we haven’t learned our lesson yet.

Next, we brought in Illeana Douglas, star of the NBC show “Welcome to Sweden,” which just released its first season on DVD. Illeana also has a book out called “I Blame Dennis Hopper,” about how her parents converted to hippie-ism after seeing the movie “Easy Rider.” We only pray that people start following the tenets put forth on our show; the world would be a much sexier place indeed.

After a break, we came back with rapper and comedian Lil’ Dicky, who’s working on his new album “Professional Rapper.” His rise to stardom started almost two years ago when his first video got over a million views in one day and he quit his day job to pursue it full time. Be sure to catch him on his Professional Rapper tour across America this summer.

To close out the show, we presented Lil Dicky with some ideas on how to expand his brand, like all good rapper/entrepreneurs do. We modeled some apparel, some food and water items, and pitched some movie/reality tv ideas, much to the overwhelmed surprise of Dicky. Diversify your revenue streams, that’s rap rule #1.

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