Tuesday 6/2/15

June Gloom got you down? The Playboy Morning Show is here to get you up!

Our show today began with a discussion about jerks. No, not the kind that happen when no one else is at your house, the kind that picked on you in school and are probably your boss right now. We asked our girls in our Hot Girl Focus Group a very tough question: does being a jerk really get you further… with them? Turns out, it’s a mix, but being assertive is a big turn on. Every nice guy out there could use a little more jerk, apparently.

After that, we welcomed in Andy Ruther and Joe Praino from the “Dirty Sports” podcast, which is available on Soundcloud and iTunes. If you like sports and you hate censorship, look no further than these two funny dudes, and finally leave your abusive relationship with ESPN. While the guys were in, our girls came out onto the gridiron and played some Sport or Porn, a game where they heard dirty-sounding sports-related terms and tried to guess what sport they came from and even give a physical demonstration. We never knew sports sounded so sexual, but now we can never un-hear it. Now excuse us as we post up down low and give somebody a facial (that’s basketball talk, apparently).


We took a short break and then came back with Playmate of the Year 2015 Dani Mathers! She’s fresh off her induction into a very elite group, and is poised to represent Playboy all around the world this year. It helps that she gets a new car to get around in, too. While Dani was in studio, we played a Choose-Your-Own-Ass-venture based on her soap opera past, where our models followed their dreams through a tale of woe and intrigue on “The Bold, The Hard, and the Long.” Tell you what, if they allowed nudity on daytime TV, I bet a lot more people would sit through those novellas.

060215_01 060215_03 060215_05

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