Tuesday 6/9/15

It’s 6/9 day today! It’s not a national holiday, but sign our petition on change.org and we can make our voices heard.

We had a fantabulous show lined up today and it all got goin’ with our models setting and then breaking some brand new world records. Not bad for the first five minutes of the show. We saw the most ping pong balls thrown into cleavage in a minute, the most rings tossed onto a scary dildo/table, and the quickest topless group breakfast in bed. Crazy that those records hadn’t been set yet.

After that, we tested our girls’ noses in our Phera-moan segment. Scent is probably the first sense you’d get rid of if you had to choose one, but it’s actually more important in selecting a mate than you might think. We blindfolded two of our sexy models and had them guess which bra belonged to which girl, using only their sniffers. This is one experiment that we’d need to test further before we go crazy and start publishing it in journals or anything. We’d hate to put misinformation out there.


Next, we ran through some of our new Alleged Pervs, and tried to match the face to the crime. It was a particularly tough round, probably due to the fact that every alleged perv this week had a very ambiguous face. You know those kinds of pervs.

We then brought in our guests for the show, Felix Lee and Matthew Berkowitz, the executive producer and director (respectively) of the new film “Wild in Blue,” which happens to star our own beautiful Andrea Lowell. If the thought of Andrea becoming the victim of a deranged killer makes you uncomfortable, though, then this may not be the movie for you. Just sayin’.

060915_01 060915_02 060915_03 060915_04

The show finished with a game based on the new horror/thriller movie, called Wilder Than You, wherein our lovely models tried to out-wild each other, with stories, sex positions, and an eventual cat-fight that resulted in four very ruined pairs of Target stockings. RIP, fishnets…. RIP.


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