Wednesday 6/10/15

It’s a Wedgie Wednesday, stuck right in the crack of your week!

We started things off the Playboy Morning Show today with a discussion about hotel sex: is it worth all the unseen gross-ness to then not have to clean up after yourself? We asked our ladies their opinions in our Hot Girl Focus Group, and came to the consensus that a sexy hotel excursion is more than worth the price of admission, and is oddly freeing in its own way.

We then welcomed in Dave, Jake, and Spud from Jam in the Van, a van that can be found at music festivals and also its regular spot in Venice Beach. But it’s not just any awesomely painted, hippie-tastic vehicle… this van’s got a studio built into it and has featured both up-and-coming artists and more well-known ones as well. Check out their YouTube page for videos and imagine how cool it must be to be in a band.

061015_04 061015_05 061015_06 061015_07 061015_01

While our Van Jammers were in studio, our ladies came in to show us their Jammy Session, a sexy take on the classic sleepover theme. They had a PJ fashion show, fed each other some jam, and then told scary stories, mostly involving Instagram. This is what fear looks like in the 21st century.

After a short break, we brought in Kira Dikhtyar, a Russian supermodel and ex-gymnast who you can see grace the pages of this month’s issue of a little publication called Playboy Magazine. Perhaps you’ve heard of it. Kira gave us the low-down on her life, going from gymnast to model, emigrating from Russia to America, and her paint-inspired shoot for us. Speaking of paint, we closed out our show today with the Morning Show classic Chicktionary, where our models draw clues on each others’ bodies in order to get Kira to guess the word. It’d have been a lot easier if they had memorized the Moscow skyline beforehand.

061015_03 061015_02

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