Thursday 6/11/15

It’s Thursday, and you know what that means: one more day ’til Friday. Because that’s how weeks work.

We started our show off today with one of many Sex-cerpts from a brand new book called “At Night She Cries While He Rides His Steed,” from author/screenwriter Ross Patterson, who we will have on the show later. It’s national Dirty Book Day in the US, and we couldn’t think of a more appropriate or more awesome guest to celebrate this oft-overlooked holiday.Words can be sexy, too.

After that, we chatted with Mr. Skin about some celebrity nudity from another Netflix show, “Sense 8.” Netflix is sure doing a good job keeping up with the premium channels, especially when it comes to naked-ness on screen (or N.o.S. as it’s commonly known).

Next, it was time for an oldie but a goodie, Howe To with the Howe Twins. Today Melissa and Carla showed us how NOT to make a paper airplane, at least in the conventional sense. Lube is not an ingredient in the paper airplane mechanism, as far as we know.

061115_04 061115_05 061115_06 061115_07

We looked at another Summertime Just the Tip, and then cooled off in honor of the inventor of the Super Soaker, who just passed on to that big, sprinkler-laden yard in the sky. We had our Howe Twins spray down Chelsie and newcomer Marie to celebrate the man who made getting shirts wet from great distances possible. His ashes are set to be sprayed off in a 21-soaker salute later this week (we hope).

After a short break, we brought in Ross Patterson, author of the new book “At Night She Cries While He Rides His Steed,” the first romance novel for dudes. We’ve heard some excerpts here today, but do yourself a favor and get this thing close to your own eyeballs, because it’s hilarious. Ross also talked about his many film projects, including his latest “Helen Keller vs. Night Wolves,” which is in the funding stage right now. We can’t wait to see and hear it (sorry Helen).

061115_01 061115_02 061115_03

To close out the show, our girls gave Ross some Constructive Criticism for his new novel, from various readers on the internet. As always, the harsher the words, the easier on the eyes, as our girls got more and more nude to soften the blow. Words can sting, but when they come from a hot chick, it’s a sweet sting.

061115_08 061115_09 061115_10

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