Monday 6/15/15

Game of Thrones may be over until next year, but The Playboy Morning Show marches on! And our naked ladies never get shamed by a scary nun. At least, not yet…

We began the show this morning with news from Pizza Hut that they’re putting hot dogs into the crust of their pizzas. I don’t know why any of us are surprised at this point, but here we are. If that’s the formula for success, we put it to the test in our I’d Stick My Weiner in That segment, which saw our models putting hot dogs into various dishes and seeing if they can strike gold for Pizza Hut’s next food item. We use the term “food” loosely here.


After that, we brought in Nick Spano, whom you might recognize from the show “Even Stevens,” but who is now branching out into the Creative Community game, with his company re/creation. They do yoga, painting sessions, and coming up they have a sexy roller skate rave called Rave on Wheels, so if you’re in the SoCal neighborhood, be sure to wheel on by.


While Nick was in studio, we sent our girls through our Playboy Time Machine back to the ’70’s, and saw their groovy new looks, sexy disco dance moves, and got their new identities. Disco is back from the dead, and it looks great!

We took a quick break and then came back to welcome in Omar Miller, from the new HBO show “Ballers,” about athletes dealing with life after football. Omar talked about what it’s like working with “stud” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and adding to HBO’s long list of awesome TV shows, and then it was time for our last game: Knocker Room. Our girls came in only in towels and gave each other pep talks before massaging and stretching it out. It’s hard work modeling all day, and you have to stay limber somehow.

061515_01 061515_06

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