Tuesday 6/16/15

The Playboy Morning Show is so scarily good, you’ll scream your pants!

The show got going with a short discussion about one-night stands in our Hot Girl Focus Group. Our models sat on our couch and talked about the awkwardness that inevitably follows a drunken hookup with a stranger. The real lesson here is to get in, get out, and get on with your lives.

Next up was Odette Delacroix, a fetish model who specializes in letting BBW’s (that’s big beautiful women) sit on her. At only 84 pounds herself, you’d think this would be a life-threatening line of work, but she seems to enjoy it. And after buying her first house, it seems business is booming. Check out her website, petitevsplump.com and request a video, if that fetish squishes your fancy.

061615_03 061615_04 061615_05

Our own models aren’t nearly heavy enough to interest Odette, but they can do their best squashing balloons (which is new fetish territory altogether, but we digress). Two teams of two tried to race through popping balloons and doing the tasks hidden inside as fast as possible. Careful of the snap-back, ladies.

We took a short break and then welcomed in Tom Holland, director of such horror classics as “Fright Night” and “Child’s Play.” Tom talked with us about the new documentary coming out about “Fright Night,” and his latest horror project: “Bite.” Will there be a Fright-Night-Bite movie in the future? Probably not, but we’re not giving up hope!

061615_02 061615_01

To close out the show, our models showed off creepy dolls of their own, which they had just created. One model made the mistake of making hers too scary though, and was attacked by it in the shower. Rule 1 of horror movies: don’t shower. Monsters fear dirt.

061615_06 061615_08

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