Wednesday 6/17/15

Everyday is Hump Day here in the Mini Mansion. We call Wednesday Double Hump Day. It’s really inconvenient.

The show started this morning with some talk about binge-ing. Not the overeating kind, but the over-Netflix-ing kind. On the top of all the binge-tastic lists is “Orange is the New Black,” and to get people into the spirit of prison, we played some Jail Jargon with our girls. The models gave us some terms that prisoners know, and Dan and Andrea tried their best to guess. It turns out that in jail, all things sound dirty.

We then brought in our first guest, legendary basketball player and coach Henry Bibby. As a UCLA Bruin and New York Knick, he won four championships in four years. Aside from cheating or lying, that’s as good as you can do. He’s also the inventor of DribblePro, a new basketball product that helps teach dribbling, shooting, and rebounding. If you can get those things down, you’ll be a professional basketball player in no time*! (*You also have to be incredibly tall/athletic/etc.)

061715_02 061715_05

In honor of having such a legend in our midst, our girls showed off their own skills in a Topless Dunk Contest. In the end, Cody came out on top of the two rounds, proving once again that doing a cartwheel is always a good idea.


After a quick two-minute hiatus, we checked in with another Summertime Just the Tip, and if you found it in anyway helpful, may God have mercy on your soul.

Next, we brought in Dr. Buck Parker, trauma surgeon and star of NBC’s “The Island.” Besides having the coolest name ever, Dr. Buck recently was stranded on a desert island by the network television show and left to fend for himself alongside a plethora of other men. Naturally, the topic of masturbation came up, and it turns out that those urges only come about when you’re assured of your continued survival. Go figure.


To close out the show, we went on a very animalistic Sexpedition with our sexy models, following them as the foraged for food, made clothing out of whatever they could find, and even braved a storm. We sure hope they get rescued soon… Although they’ll probably find a few ways to pass the time.

061715_08 061715_09 061715_10

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